ICOM Kyoto 2019 | Talking about accessibility, inclusion, usability: a discussion for a new International Committee

ICOM Italia ha organizzato, all’interno del programma ufficiale della 25a Conferenza Generale di ICOM (Kyoto, 1-7 settembre 2019) un meeting dedicato al tema dell’accessibilità museale, con l’obiettivo di valutare l’opportunità di creare un Comitato Internazionale dedicato.

Titolo: Talking about accessibility, inclusion, usability: a discussion for a new International Committee
: 2 settembre 2019
Orario: 14:30-18:00
Sede: Inamori Memorial Hall, sala 106
1-5 Shimogamo Hangicho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 606-0823


ICOM Italy established on 2007 a thematic commission for museum accessibility. A lively debate, with both Italian and foreign colleagues, arose the opportunity of creating an International Committee for museum accessibility, inclusion and usability. Such an interdisciplinary and complex theme (motor, sensory and cognitive disabilities, social frailty, etc.) should be discussed in a participatory manner. Many governments are now finally concentrating on this theme and the Italian Ministry of Culture recently created a dedicated working group. Purpose of the meeting is to open a discussion about the Italian project and the opportunity to establish an International Committee for Accessibility.



Tiziana Maffei | President, ICOM Italy
Accessibility in the museums: guidelines of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage

Annamaria Ravagnan | Representative, ICOM Italy Accessibility Commission
ICOM Italy Accessibility. Commission : Past , present , future 

Cristina Miedico | Words as a tool for museum accessibility
Words as a tool for museum accessibility

Anna Maria Marras| Chair, ICOM Italy Technologies for Cultural Heritage Commission
Museums and digital accessibility: technologies, open data and inclusion

Marco Edoardo Minoja| Director, Culture Department, City of Milan, Italy
Better stories for better knowledge: how to speak and how to write in a Museum

Milene Chiovatto | Chair, CECA
Further than access and inclusion. Let´s talk about equity

Jean Hilgersom | Chair, ICAMT
Accessible Museum Design, standards and guidelines

Irena ŽMUC | Chair, ICR
Regional museums encourage accessibility: case study City museum of Ljubljana

Foto: Milano, Musei del Castello Sforzesco