RISK 2024 | International Spring School on Cultural Heritage management

The University of Padova is organising the International Spring School Risk Management for Cultural Heritage. Challenges and Strategies for the GLAM Sector and UNESCO Sites, an intensive week of training, discussion, guided tours, and practical activities to learn how to identify, manage, mitigate and monitor the risks that daily affect the cultural heritage preserved in museums, archives, libraries or at UNESCO sites.

Theft, trafficking, wars, counterfeiting, climate change, earthquakes, floods, or fires are just some of the dangers to which movable and immovable cultural heritage is subject in every part of the world: the international Spring School aims to provide all participants with theoretical knowledge and practical skills thanks to the participation of professionals, academics and companies involved in the preservation of cultural heritage.

The University itself is called upon on a day-to-day basis to manage a vast and heterogeneous cultural heritage that stretches from the collections of the University Centre for Museums to the books and archives of the University Centre for Libraries, in addition to the care and management of the Botanical Garden – a World Heritage Site since 1997 – coordinated by the University Centre for Botanical Garden and the Permanent Events Office.

This initiative is also in line with the European Union’s indications (Horizon Europe call 2021-2027) regarding Cluster 2 (Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society) and Destination 2 (Innovative Research on the European Cultural Heritage and the Cultural and Creative Industries).
In addition, this initiative falls under Goals 11.4 and 12.8.b16.4 and 16.6 of the UN 2030 Agenda regarding the preservation of cultural heritage, the adoption of concrete and inclusive actions to develop and disseminate good practices, attention to the effects of climate change, and the prevention of crimes against culture.

As part of the International Spring School “Risk Management for Cultural Heritage. Challenges and Strategies for the GLAM Sector and UNESCO Sites”, the University of Padova promotes a Call for Abstracts for the creation of an Open Access volume published by Padova University Press and edited by Dr. Luca Zamparo, Prof. Fabrizio Nestola, Prof. Monica Salvadori.

The initiative is endorsed by ICOM Italy.