NEMO workshop | Overcome your data practise monsters, call for application!

NEMO is thrilled to invite you to apply for the online workshop Overcome your data practise monsters, hosted by Malmö University, Sweden.

Deadline: 31 May

Online workshop: June 30

When new data practices are being deployed at cultural heritage organisations, a new set of apprehensions and insecurities emerge. We invite participants to an interactive session where we employ monsters to explore what is happening with data practices in cultural heritage organisations.

The participants will confront/get to know their data monsters through interactive exercises: depicting the monster, naming the monster, addressing the monster and inviting the monster to tea. The online workshop is intended for people who are working with data through collections’, management’, visitors’ or other kinds of data. In this workshop, we will experiment with monster-making as a collaborative inquiry into data practices.

Data and activities around it are often very elusive. After the workshop, participants should be better aware of their own ideas about data practices or will be equipped to conduct a similar workshop at their home institution with concerned and wary colleagues to discuss data monsters and their care.