Le parole chiave proposte dal Comitato Italiano



Stable and reliable organisation is necessary to ensure safeguard of collections, continuity of action and recrutment of professionals
MUSEUM PROFESSIONALS The complexity of funtions and activities requires specific skills and teamwork
NO PROFIT The purpose of the museum can’t be the economic profit. Direct and indirect revenues must all be all used for the activities and services


The museum is a «public service» and contributes to the development of the society, according to the  global goals of ONU’s  Agenda 2030
ACCESSIBLE TO ALL Guarantee equal rights and concrete possibilities of access to heritage, eliminating phisical, cultural, economic barriers
OPERATES IN A SYSTHEM OF RELATIONSHIPS The museum is a dynamic and partecipatory institution which intercepts the needs of the society. It interacts  with institutions, associations  and the communities on a local, national and international level.
ACQUIRES Museum can acquire in ownership or increase the collections temporarly or permanently through deposit, comodato, loan, judicial custody, etc
CONSERVES Museum preserves, protects and maintains the collections taking all the preventive measures against physical degradation, theft or illicite trade of objects on exibit or in the storage
RESEARCH Museum collects, produces and disseminates knowledge of the heritage. it promotes the participation of people and all the institutions and the full accessibility of the knowledge.

in order to  interpret and give an actual  meaning to the past.)

EXIBIT Exibition as part of the communication’s strategy promotes ant stimulates  interpretation, storytelling, and contextualization of the heritage
COMMUNICATES The transfer of informations, signs, meanings, values, emotions, on site and on line, trough installations and the words, writing, participatory and immersive tools,with the help of new technologies
CULTURAL HERITAGE  «cultural heritage» in many Recommandation of Council of Europe (Faro 2005) and UNESCO 2015 includes movable,, immovable, digital assets and landscape
for the purposes of


Facilitate, promote, provoke knowledge, skills, behaviors, involving the different people in the processes of co-construction and actualization of meanings, interpretations and new narratives.
STUDY The tangible and intangible heritage, the collected documentation and professionals  skills offer material of analysis, and study in different fields and disciplines
ENJOYMENT Entertainement , “pleasure” aroused by the wonder and connected to the enjoyment of beauty of sites and objects, can activate emotional, cognitive and  relational experience, and feeling of well-being
WELL-BEING The concept of well-being include different elements : material (goods, services), spiritual (need for harmony, equity), relational (self-esteem, the joy of exchange)

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