International Round Table: Africa | Culture | Dialogue – Best practices and new perspectives towards an agenda of cooperation

The international roundtable – organized by Fondazione Santagata per l’Economia della Cultura, in collaboration with ICCROM – is part of the extensive public program realized on the occasion of the exhibition “Africa. The forgotten collections” hosted at the Musei Reali di Torino from October 27th 2023 to February 25th 2024.

The working session will specifically focus on exploring the transformative impact of culture, actively engaging young generations, and promoting cooperation and entrepreneurship. The discussion will concentrate on the analysis of best practices and the exchange of knowledge, experiences and strategic approaches for the protection and promotion of African cultural heritage. As a final deliverable of the day, a shared agenda for future initiatives of inter-institutional networking and cooperation will be formulated, fostering a forward-looking perspective on the conservation and promotion of African cultural heritage.

The conversation will be guided by esteemed international guests, each invited to briefly share their know-how and expertise during a brief speech. The contributions are intended to provide new insights and define concrete steps for empowerment, with the ultimate objective of crafting a set of strategic points to inform collaborative actions among the participating institutions and stakeholders. The debate will revolve around key themes such as youth, cultural cooperation, entrepreneurship, and social change.

Representing diverse perspectives, the speakers will offer insights to shape a dynamic discourse transcending boundaries and generating transformative dialogues on the future of African cultural heritage.



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