ICOM at G20 Culture | President Garlandini’s speech

“Actively fighting climate crisis is an imperative of our times.”
– Garlandini

During the G20 of Culture held on 29 and 30 July, Alberto Garlandini, ICOM President, contributed to an important ministerial meeting on climate change and culture “Addressing the Climate Crisis through Culture”.

In the G20 Culture, culture ministers explored how to ensure better representation of culture and heritage in climate change discourse and policy.

Garlandini in his speech focused on the close connection between climate change and damage to natural and cultural heritage, recalling that indigenous peoples who are on the frontline of the climate crisis. Their livelihoods are threatened, the native languages are in constant decline and their cultural heritage as well.

“Museums are in a unique position to support sustainable environmental policies, to disseminate scientific information and encourage sustainable practices in their local communities.”
– Garlandini

ICOM focuses on climate change and sustainable development for cultural heritage protection, education and capacity building. This is possible thanks to ICOM’s vast network of institutions and museum professionals.

ICOM proposes:

  1. to consider museums as institutions for the promotion of climate change and sustainable behaviour
  2. to foster the educational commitment of museums on sustainability, climatic justice and intercultural pedagogy
  3. to rely on ICOM as an international partner in the fight against the climate crisis and in the protection and promotion of cultural and natural heritage.

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