Take action: Advocate for museums

ICOM International ha raccolto buone pratiche, infografiche e materiali che puoi utilizzare per sostenere efficacemente la richiesta di aiuti finanziari e altre misure di sicurezza sociale per aiutare il tuo museo.

Dal sito di ICOM International:

The financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic puts at risk the future of museums and the livelihood of museum professionals worldwide.

As governments define their strategy and the emergency fund packages to cope with the impending economic crisis, the museum sector needs to stand together and collectively advocate for national, regional and local measures to ensure its survival.

While museums are in lockdown, it is understandable for museum professionals to feel powerless – but there is a lot that you can do to bring about a positive change and help the situation of your and other museums (even from home!). Whether you have extensive experience advocating for museums or none, our collective contributions have the potential to strengthen the international museum community.

In this page we have collected good practices, infographics and materials you can use to effectively advocate for financial aid and other social security measures to help your museum.