Survey on the ICOM Strategic Plan 2022–2028

Prorogato al 30 settembre 2021 il termine per partecipare all’indagine sulle future linee strategiche di ICOM. Nell’ultimo anno l’Associazione ha avviato un importante processo di riflessione e di discussione al fine di migliorare la propria organizzazione interna e la partecipazione dei Comitati Nazionali e Internazionali alle scelte strategiche e operative.

Compilando integralmente il questionario proposto tutti i Soci possono far sentire la loro voce e le opinioni raccolte orienteranno la definizione del Piano Strategico 2022-28.



PowerPoint presentation in ICOM’s three official languages providing information about the survey


Riportiamo inoltre il messaggio di Ole Winter, Presidente del Comitato per il Piano Strategico di ICOM (SPC), che invita a partecipare all’indagine sul Piano Strategico 2022-2028. 

Dear colleagues, dear chairs,

I am writing to let you know that we will be inviting the whole ICOM membership to take part in a survey that will influence ICOM’s next strategic plan, and to seek your help with engaging the members of your Committees and organisations with the process. When we meet in Prague at the ICOM Trianual Conference in August 2022, the General Assembly will be invited to approve the new Strategic Plan, which sets the directions for all parts of ICOM until 2028.

Strategic plans are always important, but this is a momentous time as museums struggle progressively to reopen post-COVID, count the cost of closures and the still remaining limitations and non-museum friendly regulations. All museums are facing the question of reimagining the future in a changing world. Leading the global museum community through this period of transition is ICOM’s role and we have an opportunity to plan how we best can fulfill this role in the next decade for all our members.

On behalf of The Strategic Plan Committee (SPC) I therefore hope you will help us – and the global museum community – by supporting the development of a new strategy that will meet the challenges museums face all over the world in a both ambitious and realistic way. The purpose of the survey is to find out where ICOM should focus its strategic energy from 2022-28. Throughout the survey, there is a strong focus on both objectives and the strategies to achieve them.

On August 4, the SPC with the help from the Secretariat launches a survey, where we invite each member of ICOM to participate and give their contribution to the development of a new strategic plan. The survey will go live in on August 4 and will be open until September 15. As SPC, we will do our outmost to reach out to all members, but we also know that your Committees and Alliances are in the best position to encourage the members to be an active part of ICOM’s future by answering the survey. I therefore hope you will support this important work and help us get in contact with your members to make sure that they have received the survey and encourage them to answer it.

In the SPC, we want a strategic plan where the membership feels a sense of ownership and engagement. Therefore it is vital, that as many members as possible are part of this process. The survey is organised in 4 sections and can be answered in 20-30 minutes. Please encourage your members to respond to help us all create a relevant and up-to-date Strategic Plan for ICOM.

On behalf of SPC, I hope you actively will support our work to shape the future of the association which we all care for.

Ole Winther
Chair, Strategic Plan Committee