ICOM Europe, ICOM Portugal e DEMHIST organizzano un incontro dedicato al tema di Kyoto2019

Il seminario, dal titolo Memorial Spaces in Museological Contexts: interpreting, programming, innovating, si terrà nel Palazzo Ducale di Guimarães, in Portogallo, dal 2 al 4 maggio 2019.

Museums as Cultural Hubs: the Future of Tradition
Just as Humanity is ever evolving, facing new limits, challenging present options and making up new inventive answers, so does the relationship with Memory and Tradition. The ability to build up and learn from all the generations that are our predecessors is the distinctive trace of humankind, this characteristic depends on memory to subsist, while tradition helps to shape and frame human options and actions.
Museums thus face a permanent challenge to safeguard the past, whereas promoting the understanding of present meanings and relations, that help to build a better, more inclusive future.
Present day societies are global, challenging institutions of memory to open up to new and different situations, while insuring a difficult balance between their inheritance and new ways of experiencing it.
Man is the measure of all human things, His residence (under no matter what shape or size) is therefore a privileged approach to all dimensions of Human activity.